ALICE in Racine County-Where’s Robin?

Looking at where the Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained Employed population in Racine County is, you might suddenly have a bolt of insight into how Wisconsin’s Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, also known as “Boss Vos,” or “ALEC’s Footsoldier,” maintains his place in power. There is a sharp dividing line in Racine County, which is the border between City of Racine and Rest of County.

In the City of Racine, 55% of the population is struggling with income constraints and asset limitations. Racine is where the County’s population of minority peoples, people of color, are concentrated. Where Robin Vos lives, people enjoy a much higher income, and worry less about income constraints. They enjoy much higher-priced housing to live in, drive much better vehicles, and other amenities of daily life not enjoyed by Racine residents.

Here’s the ALICE Racine County page, from the 2018 United Way ALICE Report. See if you can find Robin Vos’s neighborhood–Town of Dover/Kansasville, Town of Burlington, Rochester, on the list of communities broken down by their ALICE population. The story of Vos vs. Racine is the same old story playing out nationwide: inequality of wealth and income, translated into inequality of political power.

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